Job Disclaimer

We, Kirloskar Brothers Limited (“KBL”) and its Group Companies hereby bring to the notice of all the concerned and the public at large that some unscrupulous and fraudulent person(s) is/are making false job offer(s) for post which are not in existence, in our name and is/are soliciting job application(s) requiring them to pay substantial processing fees and/or deposit amounts in their bank account(s) or e-wallet(s) by sending false/forged e-mails or by making fraudulent telephone calls. Please refer to the annexure to understand how this fraud is being committed.

We, at KBL have deployed a merit-based employee selection practice under which, we do not charge / accept any amount or security deposit from job seekers during or after the selection process or while inviting candidate(s) for an interview(s) or send any email or communication for demand of money in any form.

All the concerned and/ or public at large is/are cautioned that if any person receives any such unsolicited or fraudulent communication offering a job or an interview call from any person, who claims to be representative of KBL and demand payment of money or security deposit or details of credit or debit card or bank account details for remittance of funds or demand of money in any form, in such case it is advised to ignore all such communications and not to respond to them and not deposit any amount in any manner whatsoever. Further it is advised that on receipt of such an interview call for any job in KBL, the candidate shall take some preliminary measures including visiting the official website of KBL to get the contact details or to enquire with the human resources department of KBL about the interview details and other relevant information. For further information on Kirloskar Brothers Limited or its subsidiary companies, please clickhere for visiting Company’s official website: (

This cautionary is published due to reporting of certain incidences by certain person/s, who have been victim of such fraudulent/cheating practices, based on which we have taken various severe actions including lodging complaint with the Police and Cyber Crime cell, appropriate legal recourse and steps against such fraudulent and unscrupulous person/s.

It is made clear that despite this caution notice, if any person or job seekers, responds to any such fraudulent communication, he shall be responsible for himself or any loss/damage cause to him and KBL or its group companies, shall not be responsible or liable for the financial or non-financial loss or damages or cost, if any.


How to identify Recruitment fraud?

All our job postings are strictly and only carried out through any of these 3 mediums namely, KBL website, reputed job posting websites or KBL’s social media platforms.

Our job offer process involves various steps that include job seeker’s interaction with various employees/ officials of KBL. The medium of communication used is only official telephone numbers and official e-mails.

In case of fraudulent services, e-mail correspondence is often done via free Web-based email accounts of any web email provider. The perpetrators frequently use mobile or platform telephone numbers instead of official company numbers.

You should get suspicious an alarmed when you receive any communication for employment in KBL or its group companies, which is neither from the official telephone number nor from the official Email Id. For the details of the official telephone numbers kindly visit Company’s official website:

Please feel free to contact us through above mentioned communication channels for any detail regarding the interview.

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